Which Fake 'Catfish' Profiles Have Been The Most/Least Convincing?


Once in awhile on "Catfish," a person will find that his or her long shot virtual relationship is the real deal (remember Lauren and Derek's happy ending?), but more often than not, the prospect pretty much goes up in flames. If you cast your line blindly into the sea of Internet dating, you're likely to reel in a shark, and many times this season, we've seen just how foul the catch of the day can be. (How's THAT for an extended metaphor?)

Collected below are all the profile pics that have tripped up our love-hopefuls so far on Season 2. Check 'em out, and tell us which accounts were the most and least convincing.



Cassie was so convinced her record producer boyfriend was The One that she agreed TO MARRY HIM before ever meeting Steven in person. It didn't take long, though, for Nev and Max to figure out that Cassie's BFF, Gladys, created the account in an effort to reform her once-troubled pal.



War vet Anthony knew he had some red flags on his hands with Marq, but decided to pursue him nonetheless. Bad move, as ultimately, a man named Framel revealed himself to be Anthony's suitor in an episode filled with more tears than we could count.



Ramon was so convinced Paola was the girl of his dreams that he showered her with gifts and cash, only to find that a woman named Loyda was the fake account's puppeteer. Did Ramon know more than he claimed he did? We're still not sure, but he seemed genuinely disappointed the chick above was not his one and only.



Dorion was so infatuated with his virtual crush, Jeszica, that he was willing to sacrifice his relationship with tangible girlfriend Raffinee for a shot with her. Jeszica was actually Alexis, though, who said her feelings were sincere, but looked nothing like the woman above.



Mike was a simple Midwestern guy in search of his perfect girl, and Kristen, who said she was insecure about having lost an eye in a car accident, was hesitant to meet him. Welp, Kristyn, who was behind the fake account, didn't lie about her disability, but looked far from the photo Mike saved in his phone.



Artis had fallen out of love with the mother of his children when he decided to pursue an online relationship with Jess, but Jess actually turned out to be Justin, an expert slow-clapper who was on a mission to call out people he considered to be cheaters.



To cope with her physical insecurities, Ashley had been doctoring her photos for years to appear thinner. She felt pressure to look perfect when she saw shirtless photos of her virtual crush, Mike, but ultimately, Mike was not the beefcake he claimed to be, and Ashley had to let her Greek God fantasy go.

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