The Young Women Of 'Teen Mom 3' Face The Possibility Of Dwindling Support Systems


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

This week on "Teen Mom 3," Briana got a reality check when her sister went away on vacation. She's so used to having Brittany by her side that it was hard to spend even a week without her, especially because Brittany helps takes care of Nova. This taste of single parenthood must have made Briana nervous for the future, because chances are she and Brittany won't live at home with their mom forever, and she hasn't really been able to count on Devoin. Plus, once Briana goes back to school or takes on a full-time job, she'll need even more support.

Like Briana, Alex hasn't been able to rely on her baby's father, either. Matt hasn't pulled his weight at all -- he doesn't even have a place to live and she suspects he's using drugs again. Imagine how it must make Alex feel when she thinks about what the next 18 years could be like. No wonder she's so frustrated with him all of the time.

Katie feels isolated and unattractive now that she's a mom, and she thought taking part in a fashion show would help get her mojo back. Instead, she and Joey wound up fighting because Katie modeled lingerie on the runway. Looking ahead to the future of their relationship can't be much of a comfort, considering their communication issues.

Of all the "Teen Mom 3" girls, Mackenzie seems to be in the best place with her fiancé, Josh, but with his desire to get back into rodeo, she has to face the possibility that he could get seriously injured. Bull-riding is extremely dangerous, so even though he loves doing it, they both need to consider the potential consequences. What would it mean for Gannon if his dad got seriously hurt? What would it mean for Mackenzie?

In many ways, being a parent brings the future into clearer focus. All of a sudden, things that didn't really matter or didn't really bother you become far more important -- and even scary. Being responsible for another person, especially a child, comes with lots of risks and responsibilities. Luckily, if you're not ready for that, there are lots of ways to make sure you don't become a parent before you’re ready. Check out for help finding and using the right birth control for you.

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