Elizabeth Berkley's 'DWTS' Partner Admits He Preferred Kelly Kapowski Over Jessie Spano [Video]


Is Val becoming a Jessie Spano convert?

Team Chmerkley made their "Dancing with the Stars" debut last night, and Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy used their undeniable chemistry to pull off a beautiful contemporary piece. Yet although the pair was completely in sync on the dance floor, host Tom Bergeron revealed they got off to a rocky start in rehearsals when Val made the mistake of telling the actress behind "Saved by the Bell"'s Jessie Spano that he was more of a Kelly Kapowski kinda guy. Ouch, Val. You may have learned some English from watching "SBTB," but ya never quite mastered Zack Morris' charm, now didja?

After Val admits that he "was a fan of the other one" in the rehearsal package below, Elizabeth is blown away by his gall. "Are you serious?! Oh my God!" she responds. But when Val tries to explain that his affinity for Kelly was due to her implied Eastern European heritage, easygoing Elizabeth shrugs off the burn. Regardless, we can't help but think Jessie was right all these years: Men ARE pigs!

Check out the clip for more of Elizabeth and Val's awkward first rehearsal:

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Photo: ABC