The 'Teen Mom 3' Cast Says They Won't Shield Their Kids From Watching The Show [Video]


Though the young women of "Teen Mom 3" have learned a lot from watching their personal struggles unfold on the show, it's their children they hope will once day benefit most from the lessons imparted. In the exclusive interview below, Alex SekellaBriana Dejesus and Katie Yeager discuss the necessity of letting their daughters see the footage at some point, despite the discomfort it could cause.

"I want to show [Nova] it, but then I'm scared, like, I don't want her to hate me because it looks like I'm not letting her father into her life," Briana says, worried that her and Devoin's fighting might come off the wrong way. With respect to her own situation, Katie shares that she'll want to wait until her daughter, Molli, is mature enough to understand the ramifications of her rocky relationship with Joey. Regardless of timing, though, all of them agree that "Teen Mom 3" will serve as a useful tool in teaching their kids on the hardships of unplanned pregnancy.

"I want Arabella to learn, like, 'Don't do that, don't do this. Mommy made all these horrible mistakes,'" Alex admits, hoping that her choices will help guide Bellie toward a brighter future.

Check out the full interview:

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Photo: Colin Gray