Chris Distefano Celebrates Moving In With 'Girl Code' Girlfriend Carly Aquilino By Passing Out On Her [Video]

If the Vine video above is an example of living in sin, the church now has one less couple to worry about. After MTV's Guy Code blog reported yesterday that Carly Aquilino of "Girl Code" and Chris Distefano of "Guy Code" -- a pair that could stop traffic by holding hands -- moved in together, Carly shared with her social media followers that, to ring in their newfound domestic bliss, Chris fell asleep on her. PUMP THE BRAKES, FRIENDS! Don't want to piss off the landlord already.

"This is how you DON'T get pregnant #iAMbirthcontrol," Carly tweeted with a short clip of Chris catching some very loud Zs on her shoulder. The fact that she doesn't hip-check him off the bed or scream in his ear proves she's a very sweet girlfriend, but we caught that brief double eyebrow-raise, Carly. We can just tell this woman's got a pot of revenge brewing, and Chris better watch his back during Week #2. Isn't cohabitation the best?!

+ Check out the video, and share any wild (or...completely tame) couple's tales you have from living with a significant other!

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