Warning: This Pic Of Snooki's Son Wishing Her Good Luck May Cause Spontaneous Pregnancy


MTV's "Teen Mom 3" shows the harsh realities of unplanned pregnancy, but for those of you way beyond your high school years, with both the financial means and emotional maturity necessary to raise a child, we highly encourage you to run out right now and make a baby. Because maybe, IF YOU'RE REALLY LUCKY, you'll cook one up as adorable as this kid.

Pregnant yet?

Tonight, Snooki makes her "Dancing with the Stars" debut, and her little man is already rooting her on from his high chair. Nicole shared this pic of Lorenzo with a "Good Luck Mommy!!!" sign on her Facebook page earlier today, writing, "OMG DYING!! My biggest supporter besides Jionni." Of course, fans like y'all are pulling for her as well, so we expect to see some arts and crafts of your own posted online during the show. We can't imagine they'll be as cute as this ish, but really, what is?

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Photo: Snooki's Celebuzz site