Nick Cannon Doesn't Like Sharing His 'Wild 'N Out' Man Meat [Sneak Peek]


With as few words as possible, hip-hop artist Joe Budden managed to sweep "Wild 'N Out" girl Brittany Dailey right off her feet and straight into his dressing room. However, in this sneak peek of Tuesday night's new episode, Chico Bean's not having the same kind of luck when he attempts to charm the beautiful model, and bossman Nick Cannon ain't exactly helping his cause.

In the clip below, the comedian flirts with Brit during "Breaking Up is Hard to Do," but lays it on much thicker than Joe Budden ever did. "You know I'm the hardest dude out here, right? And I need a chick like you to hold me down," he demands. Mistake #1: Brittany clearly prefers the sensitive types, pal. And if that wasn't enough to kill Chico's chances, a shocking revelation from Nick about the nature of their not-so-platonic relationship suddenly blows the guy's Win A Date With Dailey operation to pieces. We imagine it won't go over well with Mariah, either.

Check out the clip to see how Nick completely ruined Chico's game, and don't miss an all-new "Wild 'N Out," Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV2!

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