The Dejesus Family Of 'Teen Mom 3': Then And Now [Photos]


Then: Roxanne Dejesus with her two little love nuggets

Happy Throwback Monday, y'all! Yeah, we like to draw outside the lines here in MTV country, breaking Internet law whenever we can -- and so do our cast members! Yesterday, "Teen Mom 3"'s Briana Dejesus took a page from Danielle Fishel's book, posting the old-school pic above to Instagram, and we have to say: We're glad she didn't wait another three days! Born to be a rebel, that one....

"Lol I looked like such a boy," Briana wrote along with the photo, but we beg to differ: She's a total button -- and most definitely female! And, wow, sister Brittany sure was a dead ringer for the family's matriarch, Roxanne. Just look at those matching ringlets, not to mention the classic sass. She sure hasn't changed much over the years, as you can see in the ladies' latest selfie below, which, of course, includes their newest addition to the fam, Nova.

Despite their struggles, there's no doubt this is one happy, tight-knit family.


Now: No need for Sears -- selfie family photos are all the rage!

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Photo: brianadejesus_ on Instagram