Jenna 2.0 Will Tear Through Palos Hills High Like A Teenage Typhoon When 'Awkward.' Returns [Trailer]


After seeing this sneak peek, you're well aware that the Jenna Hamilton you've come to know and love will soon digress into a take-no-crap bad girl when "Awkward" returns in October, but what might not be evident yet is the domino effect her dark side will cause all around her. Enter: this new trailer for Season 3's second half, which leaves no question regarding the extent of Jenna 2.0's upcoming destruction. Apparently, it's not just J-Ham's parents and boyfriend who will suffer for her wicked ways, but even Val, Tamara and Jake will be burned when she completely abandons her morals.

"It is not right to hurt the people you love," Jenna tells her cheating partner-in-crime, Collin, toward the beginning of the clip, only to prove by the end that she's actually not at all attached to the sentiment. Her desperation to keep her indiscretion quiet will force a wedge between Tamara and Jake, and her mother, Lacey (who would typically forgive the worst conceivable offense), has pretty much given up hope that her daughter will return to her former self. Being "that girl" is about to take on an entirely different meaning.

+ Take a look at the trailer, and tune in to the premiere of "Awkward" October 22 at 10:30/9:30c!

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