Wise Words From 'Teen Mom 3''s Briana Dejesus: 'Don't Have Kids At 16!' [Video]


It's no exaggeration to say that being a teen mom leads to a world of struggles. From money issues to rocky relationships to countless personal sacrifices, none of the "Teen Mom 3" girls would describe getting pregnant with an ounce of enthusiasm. However, they do consider being a part of the show a positive experience. 

In the exclusive MTV.com interview clip below, Alex, Briana and Katie discuss how much they've been taught from watching their own mistakes. "When you make yourself vulnerable to complete strangers, you learn what kind of person you are," Katie says. Alex and Briana add that being able to see themselves at both their best and worst makes it easier to focus on the good and work toward a better future. "You want to be a better person. You want to constantly be growing, not only for you, but for the people that you're helping." Katie explains. The ladies have picked up a lot of important knowledge since they got pregnant, but Briana sums up what she's learned most of all in a message directed straight to viewers: "Don't have kids at 16!"

Check out the video, and get info on pregnancy prevention at MTV's It's Your Sex Life website.

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