Happy Birthday, Ben Savage! Teenage Cory Matthews Would Consider You Ancient


Today, the world is collectively knocking on wood to ward off Friday the 13th hijinks, but there's a much happier holiday to celebrate: the birth of '90s icon Ben Savage! The actor, known best for his role as Cory Matthews on "Boy Meets World," turns 33 today, making every adult (us old fogies at Remote Control included) who grew up watching him rush to the bathroom to check for wrinkles and gray hairs.

For many, it's difficult to imagine Ben as anything other than the innocent teen chasing after Topanga's heart, but soon we will see a whole new side to Mr. Matthews, when he reprises his role as Cory -- now a father and school teacher -- on "Girl Meets World." And even though the sequel isn't scheduled to premiere until early 2014, that hasn't stopped his onscreen wife from method-acting on his special day. "Is it too early to wish my incredibly kind, smart, hilarious, & handsome TV husband, @BenSavage, a happy birthday? I don't think so. <3 you!" Danielle Fishel tweeted this morning.

We, too, wanted to wish Old Man Savage a happy birthday, but found a few less mushy sentiments to express our best wishes...


Thanks a lot, Ben. xo, RC


Embrace the Feeny within! xo, RC


That classic coif has not lost its curl. xo, RC


Luckily you're more of a fine wine. xo, RC

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Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

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