That's What You Said...About Whether Matt Deserved The Boot From 'Teen Mom' Alex's House


Disagreements between the young parents on "Teen Mom 3" often escalate quickly, but things got more heated than we've ever seen on the most recent episode, in which Alex caught wind of Matt talking to another girl and confronted him about it. The fight got so explosive, Matt nearly went apoplectic, and finally, Alex's mom, Wendy, intervened and told Matt he was no longer welcome at her house. But was kicking him out too harsh?

After the dust settled, fans picked up their chins from the floor and hit up Remote Control and Facebook to sound off about whether the punishment fit Matt's crime. Take a look at what some said below, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

Remote Control:

"I wouldn't have let it go on as long as it did. The first time he started hanging out with his old friends, I would have showed him to the door." -- whatyouwant

"Alex and Matt are both wrong. I can understand and see why Alex was hurt because he was talking to another girl, but she shouldn't have blown up like that." -- Missy

"Alex would benefit from anger management classes. She was so enraged, you could see that she had lost control." -- KristyNic


"I think Matt has a better chance of recovering not living with her. His and Alex's relationship will be better living apart for a while." -- Tanya L.

"Yes, Matt deserved to be kicked out! Alex is under a lot of stress with jobs to support the baby and her mother was sick of the fighting going on in front of Arabella and Alex's sister and brother." -- Jessica K.

"In my world, trust is earned, not given. Matt isn't ready to face his past yet and deal with being an adult or dad. He has to work on himself more." -- Allison Westra

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