From 'Real World' Mansions To A 'Jersey Shore' Palazzo, Vote For Your Favorite MTV Crib!


The newly renovated "Real World: Back To New York" house

With "Cribs," viewers were given an exclusive tour through multi-million dollar celebrity homes, and from Joey Fatone's backyard water slides to Mariah Carey's massive shoe closet, it was always an envy-inducing experience. But don't forget: Some of MTV's own talent have had some pretty sweet digs, too. After The Gothamist reported that a market listing for the renovated "Real World: Back To New York" house went up this week, we were reminded of just how good some of our network's cast members have had it. While we were slumming it in dorm rooms and tin can apartments, they were living it up in Parisian palaces and beach side bungalows -- WHICH IS NOT FAIR, but at least our jealousy was paired with glimpses at some solid real estate porn.

After sorting through our archives and unrolling a few blueprints, we've put together a fantasy neighborhood complete with pads that would make Park Avenue cry out in jealousy. From Manhattan to Florence, take a look at MTV's greatest dream homes, and tell us which would be your perfect haven!


"Real World: Paris" -- The seven strangers picked to live together in 2003 got to live out the fantasy of playing castle in an incredible Parisian palace. Spires? A proper courtyard? This place had it all...except, of course, housemate harmony. At least they could lament their woes as they looked upon the Eiffel Tower!


"Jersey Shore," Florence, Italy -- With Seaside Heights and Miami in their rear view mirrors, the "Jersey Shore" housemates were treated to an Italian getaway for Season 4 that put them right in the middle of one of the country's most exciting cities. It was only a stone's throw away from incredible museums and breathtaking architecture, but sadly, nowhere near a proper tanning salon.


"Making The Band," New York City -- Always ones to keep things cool, the five final members of Danity Kane started out their musical careers together in a tricked-out downtown Manhattan apartment, complete with huge portraits of their own faces hanging over their beds and...a one-way conference call alcove exclusively featuring Diddy? Every decorator's got his or her own vision....


"Real World: New Orleans" -- WE ARE NOT WORTHY! To celebrate the new millennium, MTV gifted Melissa Beck & Co. with one of the city's most beautiful revival plantation houses, complete with heaps of expensive local art. Oh, and it had a hot tub, too, because what would a fine piece of Southern architecture be without some jacuzzi action?



"Battle Of The Seasons," Turkey -- This place had a view overlooking Eastern Europe that was so perfect it could have been the subject for a million landscape paintings. Several competitors deemed it the game's best pad yet, though that still didn't inspire them to keep it clean. If only those "Challenge" kids cared about their living conditions as much as their physical conditions.


"Real World: Hawaii" -- Paradise brought to life, the "Real World: Hawaii" beach bungalow was the stuff dreams are made of. It had a private pool, immediate access to the beach below and all the lounge chairs, inflatable rafts and exotic plants a Hawaiian home could need. In fact, the cast was so comfortable there, they rarely felt the need to wear clothes.


"The Gauntlet," Colorado -- Vacation and the beach generally go hand-in-hand, but once in a while, it's nice to embrace a mountain town's climate. "The Gauntlet" house was every bit the ski lodge fantasy, and with five stories, access to a five-star resort's pool and every amenity in between, this place had us rethinking that next Spring Break trip to Cabo.

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