Meet The Wild Barmaids Of 'Big Tips Texas,' And Find Out Who's In What Clique


MTV's latest "Challenge" season threw the game's competitors a curve ball when it forced rivals to put aside their differences and work together, but for the girls of Texas' favorite little bar, Redneck Heaven, the concept is commonplace. When "Big Tips Texas" premieres next month, the watering hole's vets will be largely at odds with its newest recruits, but the two cliques will have to work together all the same to ensure that every patron has a grand ol' time...and is generous with gratuities.

The upcoming series won't waste a minute diving into the drama of old versus new, and to prepare you for the cat fights to come, we've put together a who's who cheat sheet. Meet all of Redneck Heaven's finest below, and be sure to tune in to the premiere on October 9 at 10/9c!


Sabrina, Typhani, Claire and Amber

The Vets:

VetsTyphaniTyphani: Typhani started out behind the bar, but has worked her way up to the head of marketing. She eats, sleeps and breathes Redneck Heaven, and she has no tolerance for anything less than perfection.

VetsAmberAmber: Amber would take a bullet for any of her Redneck sisters and has been a loyal employee of the chain since day one. Watch out, though: She's got a drunken alter-ego, and it's not particularly fond of one of the new girls.

VetsClaireClaire: Considered one of Dallas' most desirable bartenders, Claire is tough but sweet, and is so devoted to her craft that she turned down one of the bar's corporate jobs to keep her spot slingin' drinks.

VetsSabrinaSabrina: While many of Redneck Heaven's bartenders are content where they are, Sabrina has the Ivy League in her sights, and dreams of ditching town for Harvard, where she once took pre-law classes.


Kristyn, Macy, Jillian, Mimi, Mercedez and Morgan

The New Girls:

NewMercedezMercedez: Anything but a cowgirl at heart, Mercedez started working at the bar for one reason: the $$$. Thankfully, her friend Jillian's along for the Redneck ride, but will her sassy demeanor get her into trouble?

NewMaciMacy: Mercedez's inverse, Macy is a Texas girl to the T, but, like Sabrina, dreams of an education beyond Redneck Heaven's reaches: The "weird" girl is ready to be a biological researcher, y'all!

NewJillianJillian: One day, Jillian hopes to make it back to her hometown of Chicago, but for now, she's perfectly happy dating around in Texas. Midwestern friendliness be damned, though: This firecracker definitely isn't afraid to speak her mind!

NewMimiMimi: Among the new girls, Mimi is greenest (and smallest!). The rookiest-rookie is sugary-sweet and a real beauty, and is hoping to make some money for school.

NewMorganMorgan: Morgan's end goal is becoming a bona fide, barrel-racing rodeo girl, and she depends on her Redneck Heaven tips to afford training. Despite being new, she's incredibly headstrong and doesn't take crap from anyone.

NewKristynKristyn: With an eye for fashion, Kristyn is hoping the money she makes from Redneck Heaven will help her start her own line someday. The go-getter's also got her heart set on one of the bar's corporate positions, and won't stop reaching until she makes a name for herself.

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Photos: Shaniqwa Jarvis