Need Proof Joe Budden's A Babe-Magnet? Watch Him Charm A 'Wild 'N Out' Girl In Under 20 Seconds [Bonus Scene]


Joe Budden is the King of the Cryfest on "Love and Hip Hop," but while funnymen like Nick Cannon and Chico Bean see the recording artist's tendency to tear up as fodder for jokes, many women appreciate a guy who's in touch with his sensitive side. In fact, as Karlous Miller pointed out, regardless of Joe's public displays of sadness, he still gets the "baddest chicks." This bonus scene, in which Budden is quick to turn on the charm for "Wild 'N Out" girl Brittany Dailey, is proof of his appeal.

In the clip, Spanky Hayes brings Brit backstage to get her an autograph from the Black Team captain, but Joe has other plans for the model. "I would love to [sign an autograph]. Here, you can come inside with me," Joe says, smoothly escorting her into his dressing room. Without hesitation, she happily crosses the threshold, leaving poor Spanky behind. "Um, Joe? I got a pen right here," Spanky tells the closed door. Maybe if Spanky had busted out some waterworks when he had Brittany all to himself, he would be the one 'signing an autograph' for her right now.

Watch the video to see Joe in action!

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