'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Joey Belittles Katie's Runway Modeling Dreams


Though Katie and Joey have so far had a pretty rocky engagement, after going to couples therapy on the most recent "Teen Mom 3" episode, they seemed to finally be communicating better. It must have been a fleeting moment, though, because the two find themselves right back at square one in this sneak peek of the next episode.

Still done up from modeling in a runway show, Katie appears crestfallen as she nurses Molli back at home. What should have been an exciting night for the young mother has turned into another opportunity for Joey to take jabs at her. When Katie accuses Joey of thinking she's not pretty enough to model, rather than trying to boost her lack of self-esteem, he insinuates that Katie's new hobby is just her way of trying to get attention. "You have to go show your s**t off to everyone to get your confidence back?" Joey bites, which sends his fiancé off to the other room on the verge of tears. We're starting to see why Katie's dad was so skeptical about her marriage plans.

Check out the sneak peek, and don't miss "Teen Mom 3" Monday night at 10/9c.

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