Mark-Paul Gosselaar Plays 'What Would Zack Morris Do...In 2013?' [Video]


In 1993, there was one guy on TV who epitomized the essence of cool: Zack Morris. The "Saved by the Bell" bad boy could get any girl to swoon, or escape the wrath of Belding with the smooth confidence only a pair of acid-wash jeans and a hypercolor T-shirt could instill. However, times have changed, and with new-age issues like the current "Catfishing" trend, Bayside is but a distant memory.

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins invited the man behind Morris, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, on his web series, "Speakeasy," to test whether or not the '90s cool kid could hack it in this millennium, and in the video below, Tompkins and Gosselaar play "What would Zack Morris 2013?" The first question he poses to Mark is a bit familiar to us here at MTV: In the scenario, Slater and Zack are Facebook-flirting with the same chick, but Zack finds out that it's actually Screech catfishing both of them. So what would Zack Morris do, according to Gosselaar? "Zack knew it was Screech catfishing," he says, throwing Tompkins for a loop. "Because Zack had Screech do it!" Well, that's a new one! Where are Nev and Max to decode this Internet fake-out when you need 'em?

Check out how Zach might handle other 21st century scenarios:

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