What's An Average Night Like For Lauren Conrad?


Lauren Conrad at the Malibu Island Spiced launch event in May.

Since "The Hills," Lauren Conrad's career has continued to flourish like mad. She may have started off as a lowly Teen Vogue intern (who didn't go to Paris), but the former reality TV star is now a mini-Martha Stewart with her very own lifestyle and fashion empire to rule over. Suffice it to say, she doesn't get a lot of free time, but Us Weekly's hour-by-hour account of the mogul's typical day at least included a regular check-in with her beau, William Tell.

We have it on good authority that her hair takes MUCH LONGER to style than 45 minutes, as documented in Us' article, but otherwise, the mag's rundown of Lauren's average day seems pretty legit: blogging for LaurenConrad.com, doing interviews, hunting for the perfect ball of burrata cheese...it's all very LC. Still, we're kinda stumped as to why the timeline cuts off at 8 p.m? While we don't expect to hear wild stories of her partying 'til dawn anymore, we can't imagine she actually turns in while Grandma's knitting circle is still in session. Which is why we took the liberty of picking up where Us left off, and now present you with our totally imagined night in the life of Lauren Conrad:

8:30: Head over to boyfriend William's house to catch up on "Breaking Bad." Launch into millionth debate about whether or not Skylar's still in love with Walt.

8:32: William loses debate. Walt's unlovable.

9:30: Make William a sandwich for tomorrow's lunch at law school. Include a "Have a great day!" note with lots of XOs.

9:45: Slip on some sequins and meet Lo for a drink at Chateau Marmont, because Les Deux closed in 2010.

10:22: Run into Audrina Patridge. Catch up on life and love, peppering silent moments with blank stares.

10:40: Give Audrina a Conrad Code-approved goodbye hug, then head home for some much-needed alone time. Roll eyes at paparazzi in front of the house asking if there really was a sex tape.

12:36: Hear the burrata cheese calling. Binge on the rest of the ball. Feel bad about it, but then look in the mirror and realize that a few extra pounds couldn't hurt.

1:13: Compete with the dogs, Fitz and Chloe, for bed space. Fall asleep to "Say Yes to the Dress" re-runs.

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