Aaliyah's 'Catfish' Hometown Tour Reinforces How Tough Life In Oakland Can Be [Bonus Scene]


If you dread the chore of grocery shopping, it's time to thank your lucky stars you've even got the option. We learned from D-Real on "World Of Jenks" that life in Oakland is rough, and in the "Catfish" bonus scene below, high school senior Aaliyah, who hoped she'd found true love online with a fellow Oakland resident, drives the point home. As she gives Nev and Max a tour of her hometown, she points out how few supermarkets there are in certain neighborhoods, and says the inhabitants of these "food deserts" are far more prone to chronic illness.

"A food desert is an area that, basically, their resources on food are liquor stores, corner stores and fast food places," Aaliyah says as she and the Internet sleuths drive through neighborhoods that have never seen the likes of a Whole Foods or ShopRite. "[People in food deserts] become ill, they get diabetes, they get high blood pressure...because the food that they're eating is really bad." Aaliyah says she's hopeful the area is in an upswing, but for now, it looks like fresh produce and deli products are out of the question.

To get a better sense of Aaliyah's everyday environment, check out the clip.

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