'Catfish' Poll: Do You Think Alicia Cared More About Aaliyah Than She Was Willing To Admit?


Anyone who's ever switched their Facebook relationship status to "It's complicated" knows that matters of the heart can cause confusion, but it was a more cut and dry affair for Alicia on tonight's "Catfish." Well, at least at first. After admitting to leading Aaliyah on strictly for the money and gifts she received in return, Alicia told Aaliyah through menacing laughter that she didn't have a shred of feeling for her, and that she was completely straight. But for all of her efforts to convince Nev and Max that she was uninterested in Aaliyah, they couldn't shake the notion that she was more invested than she claimed.

For over a year, Alicia and Aaliyah talked on the phone daily and exchanged intimate secrets -- Aaliyah called Alicia her first love, and Alicia said she felt secure in her sexuality when speaking with Aaliyah, even though she was closeted in a household that denounced homosexuality. Once Max tried to reason with her, she agreed to meet with Aaliyah again and explained that though the friendship was real, she still harbored zero romantic feelings for her. However, Max maintained until the end of the episode that he believed there was something genuine between the online lovers -- do you agree?

+ Tell us what you think: Is Alicia really just an Internet con artist, or was she simply afraid to admit her real feelings? Take our poll!

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