Caught On GIF! 'Catfish' Alicia Laughs Off Aaliyah's Heartbreak


Aaliyah needs a closer look at Alicia.

Arm yourself with some protective gloves, friends: This "Catfish" bites. On tonight's episode, a high school senior named Aaliyah got her heart broken when she finally met the person whom she considered her first real love, and quickly discovered she'd been played. Alicia wasn't shy about admitting her deception as soon as she came face-to-face with Aaliyah, and added insult to injury when she told Aaliyah point blank that she was straight and had no romantic interest in her at all. Yikes.

After some prodding, Nev and Max managed to get through to Alicia and tap into the motive behind her con, but for the first few minutes, Alicia's reveal was painful to watch, and Aaliyah's resultant pain was heart-wrenching. See how Alicia slowly broke Aaliyah down in this series of GIFs.


A cat seems to have got Alicia's tongue, and Aaliyah's not thrilled about it.


Alicia shrugs off Aaliyah's hurt.


Aaliyah still tries to get information out of the woman who said she loved her.


Alicia has no qualms about cutting deep with her response.


Finally, Aaliyah breaks down.

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