Why, Yes, That Is Tyler Posey Just Chillin' On The 'Teen Wolf' Nemeton [Photos]


Tyler Posey breaks for some R&R between takes.

It's been a minute since we've had any scoop on the second half of "Teen Wolf" Season 3, but today, we not only found you some juicy Stydia gossip, but we've also got some exclusive shots straight from the set, where the cast is currently filming. Welcome to the enchanted forest!

Even though the nemeton's #1 fan, Darachifer, met her maker at the hands of Peter Hale in the summer finale, the first shot above of a super smiley Tyler Posey caught meditating on the giant wooden slab shows us that we haven't seen the last of that magical tree stump. And contrary to Posey's peaceful position, the photo below depicts a fight-ready Crystal Reed wielding Allison's trusty bow and arrow. Or, could that be...Daria? The fashion resemblance is uncanny!

+ Check out the pics, and put your speculatin' hats on for the back half of the season!


Crystal Reed hits...something...with her best shot.

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