Katie Of 'Teen Mom 3' Admits She And Joey Were Carbon Copies Of Her Parents [Video]


Among all iterations of "Teen Mom," a common thread between the cast members has, without fail, always existed: No matter how trying the relationships with their babies' fathers get, each of them still fantasizes of having the picture-perfect family. We saw Maci Bookout, Leah Calvert and other young women attempt time and again to make things work, only to have the relationships crumble, and now it seems that "Teen Mom 3" star Katie Yeager might be going down the same path.

On last night's "Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look," Katie told host SuChin Pak that she hoped to break the dysfunctional relationship mold that most other couples in her family have fallen victim to, but her efforts often proved futile. "[Joey and I] are both separately really good people, but when we get together it's like oil and vinegar," she says in the clip below. SuChin then asks Katie if she ever had any healthy relationships to emulate, and Katie admits she's never actually seen a "perfect family" in her own experience, which made it all the more difficult for her to break the pattern, despite trying with therapy. "I told myself my whole life, I'm not going to have a relationship like my mom and dad...and [Joey and me] kind of were the exact same thing."

+ Check out the video, and let us know if you think Katie and Joey still have a shot at staying together.

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