'Teen Mom 3' Poll: Did Matt Deserve To Be Kicked Out Of Alex's House?


Tonight's "Teen Mom 3" reached an all-time high for relationship drama when Matt, who had been living under Alex and Wendy's roof for weeks without making any substantial moves toward getting a job, lied to Alex about talking to another girl, and a screaming match of monumental proportions followed. In our years of covering reality TV, we'd never before witnessed someone remove his shirt so he could yell louder, and had never been so scared that a woman was about to be hit. Thankfully, it didn't come to that.

After the fight, Alex's mom, Wendy, went into protective mode and kicked Matt out of her home to prevent his abusive behavior from causing Alex more pain, but when Wendy told Matt to pack up his stuff, Alex was visibly upset. She tried to explain to her mom that she couldn't let go of her child's father that easily, but Wendy stood her ground, insisting the couple's constant arguments were a bad influence on Alex's younger siblings, not to mention Alex's daughter, Arabella. The best way to nip the situation in the bud, she said, was to remove Matt from the physical environment. Hopefully her solution will prove to be more than just a Band-Aid.

+ What do you think? Was Wendy right to send Matt packing, or does he deserve another shot at redemption?

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