Teen Heartthrob Cody Simpson Helps Rob Dyrdek Analyze The 'Ridiculousness' Of Dating [Sneak Peek]


Has your blind date ever talked with a mouth full of food, failed to pick up the check or audaciously opened up the dreaded ex-file? Well, you can at least be grateful he or she never tossed you through a cathedral's stained glass window. On the next "Ridiculousness," Rob Dyrdek will be joined by teen heartthrob Cody Simpson, and in the sneak peek of the upcoming episode below, Rob quickly reminds us of Cody's awkward dating expertise before the guys review a reel of romantic encounters so embarrassing, they make the dreaded spinach-in-teeth ordeal seem like a pretty decent alternative.

In "Awkward Dates," men and women looking for love find that Cupid's arrow doesn't strike so easily, and from overturned motorcycles to sudden fainting-spells aboard amusement park rides, the snippets play out like a Football Follies anthology. Still, you can't fault the love-hopefuls for trying their best to impress their potential mates, even if they just wind up riding them like a bobsled down a tarp. You'll see what we mean...

Check out the clip, and tune in to an all new episode, Thursday night at 10/9c!

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