They May Have Flunked 'The Challenge,' But Knight And Preston's Post-Game Reports Were A+ Work


Football season has officially begun, and with it, plenty of expert play-by-play from the sidelines. But no game breeds better analysts than that of "Rivals II." Sadly, our two best commentators just got sacked, but Knight and Preston's post-challenge reports will live in infamy.

Throughout their time in Thailand, Team Green delighted us with a plethora of foul-mouthed mockery, but they also threw us some curve balls. For instance, during the last episode, in which the former "NOLA" roommates finally met their competitive demise, Preston was nearly left speechless when Knight payed him an actual COMPLIMENT. (That is, before he insisted he never planned to speak to Preston again.) The two were a constant source of entertainment, and we'll surely miss hearing their weekly self-critiques. Let us mourn their passing with this inspired collection of at-odds banter.

The Art Of Smack Talk: Knight and Preston held nothing back when they sized each other up before the competition even got underway. Hey, at least we knew exactly where they stood!

The Scoff: Preston defended his choice not to bury his face in Knight's crotch for the purpose of a mission, and Knight dismissed him the best way he knew how. Back to you in the booth, TJ!

That's Called A Deflection, Folks: He didn't say it, but if he was gonna say it.... Knight was still completely critical of Preston after the team couldn't figure out the bamboo maze, but his word barbs were thrown with a little bit more finesse. Someone's been practicing!


He's Outta There: Sideline reports aren't the only way to go: Sometimes, you can malign your partner straight from the court. "I don't really care," were Knight's choice words as his teammate drifted out to sea. "Maybe he'll get bit by a shark or something." Wouldn't that be poetic!

Calling An Audible: Knight caught Preston off guard when he offered up a compliment, and the usually talkative Preston was rendered speechless. If you're going to make it as a game expert, you gotta be able to think on the fly!

The Rivalry Lives On: Just as quickly as the two rivals came together, they fell apart again, and Knight and Preston ensured their mutual loathing would keep them at odds for quite some time...possibly forever.

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