Chelsea Houska's Daughter, Aubree, Brings Cupcakes To Class For Her 4th Birthday [Photo]


We'll take two (rows), please!

In grade school, there was one surefire way to become the king or queen of the class: pass out sweets! The teacher may have given you dirty looks because of the sugar-highs that followed, but later on, all the kids at the playground knelt down and kissed your feet. And while we're pretty sure Chelsea Houska of "Teen Mom 2" was the brains behind her daughter bringing birthday cupcakes to school today, Aubree will be reaping the benefits for weeks. Goodbye broccoli, hello corn syrup!

The little diva doesn't turn four-years-old until tomorrow (stop growing up, please?), but Aubs still chose to bestow baked goods on her friends to kick off the weekend right. How thoughtful! "Babes brought a birthday treat for her class, turns 4 tomorrow!" Chelsea captioned the photo above of her precious munchkin, whose barrette happens to match all that tasty-looking frosting (another point for mom!). If Aubs is all smiles on the eve of her big day, we can only imagine what kind of mood she'll be in tomorrow. Try not to spoil her too much, Grandpa Randy!

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Photo: Chelsea Houska's Instagram

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