Can Jack Osbourne Best His Big Sister's 'Dancing With The Stars' Record?


In 2009, Kelly Osbourne, a young woman previously known as angst-ridden, sarcastic and obsessed with black hoodies, stole the hearts of "Dancing with the Stars" viewers when she made a goth-to-glam transformation and nearly won the competition. Now, Season 9's bronze medalist will see some competition from her brother, Jack, who's been cast alongside Snooki, Elizabeth Berkley and Leah Remini for the fall's upcoming Season 17. Do you think he can rise to the occasion and outdo his big sis?

In her quest to earn the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, Kelly got top honors for her Team Tango, but was nearly eliminated twice along the way, and was ultimately beaten out by Donny Osmond and Mya. But Jack, who's already challenged the notion that white men can't dance, has always been motivated by sibling rivalry, and could very well pull off an upset. After all, his partner, Cheryl Burke, won two of the show's first three seasons. This could get verrrrrry interesting.

Check out the first clip of a classic Osbourne family squabble, the second for Kelly's performance at the "DWTS" finals and keep your eyes peeled to see how Jack performs!

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Photos: ABC

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