That's What You Said...About Why Jemmye Of 'Rivals II' Can't Seem To Catch A Break


Some competitors, like Emily or Cooke, can survive a "Challenge" without ruffling too many feathers, but for Jemmye, "Rivals II" has turned her into a magnet for melodrama. She's battled with ex-boyfriend Knight on a number of occasions (one particularly memorable ketchup fight included), been trashed by Frank and been labeled "fake" by more than one housemate. So why does the seemingly happy-go-lucky party girl always wind up knee-deep in s**t?

Once we asked the question, fans took to Remote Control and Facebook to explain whether or not the venom spat at Jemmye this season has been warranted. Take a look at some of the divisive comments below, and tell us why YOU think Jemmye always seems to be at war.

Remote Control:

"I LOVE Jemmye. She's a great cast member. I don't really understand why so many people don't like her." -- peekaboo

"She can't catch a break because she is expendable. I don't think competitively she is even worth mentioning. All she brings is senseless and unwarranted drama." -- Blue Steel

"Jemmye is one of my all time favorite cast members, with a great story and drive. She has a bit of a temper, but with that aside, I think she is fantastic!" -- Ty1390


"Always starting drama! I wanna squirt her with ketchup haha." -- Christine M.

"I don't mind her, but she has to stop letting Knight get under her skin. I know they dated, but come on."

"She is one of my favorite competitors but I didn't appreciate what she did when she found out Knight cheated on her." -- Hesham A.

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