Why You DON'T Wanna Mess With The 'Teen Mom 3' Girls On Twitter [Video]


Twitter chatter can range from inspiring to downright nasty, and on "Teen Mom 3," we've seen how it can play a part in ruining an already fragile relationship. Devoin used the social media platform to slander the mother of his child, Briana Dejesus, and it led to her filing an order of protection. On the latest episode, Briana explained to Devoin that she dropped the order in hopes that he'd back off for good, but the whole incident left her feeling scarred.

In this clip from our exclusive interview, Briana and her "TM3" co-casties, Katie Yeager and Alex Sekella, discuss the importance of supporting each other and showing solidarity online. "If one person comes at us on Twitter? You get all four of us," Alex says of their fierce loyalty to one another. "I'm protective over you guys," Katie adds. "I Twitter-stalk any guy that I see talking to you!" So, let that be a lesson to anyone wishing to woo or throw shade upon any of these mama bears -- they ain't got time for your nonsense!

Check out the video for more on the ladies' (and their children's!) cross-continental friendship.

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Photo: Michele Crowe

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