MTV Twitter Roundup: 'Awkward.' Gal Greer Grammer Was Once A Sashaying Pageant Queen


Big smile! Greer Grammer shows off her former days as a pageant girl.

Theeeeeeeeeeere she iiiiiis, Miss...Regional California Teen USA 2011! Though she plays a proselytizing Bible-thumper on "Awkward," Greer Grammer shared on Twitter this week that IRL, she used to be a cupcake-hand-waving, Vaseline-toothed pageant girl! Sadly, the throwback also came with the note that she's since hung up her sash for good. At least it means she'll never do this...

Elsewhere on MTV-centric social media this week, Knight, who was ousted on the latest episode of "Rivals II," mourned yet another loss, while Jessica Lu of "Awkward" triumphed over hunger. And though "Girl Coder" Shalyah Evans was worried Starbucks' seasonal introduction of pumpkin flavors meant natural disaster, Deena of "Jersey Shore" put her fears aside to continue to chase her singing dreams.

Check out more of what MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media this week!


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Photo courtesy of @Greer_Grammer