Snooki's First 'Dancing With The Stars' Routine Turns Her Upside Down [Photos]


Months of core strength training are now coming in handy (heh) for Snooki.

Bill Nye better brush up on the physics of motion if he wants to beat our Snooki at the boogie-woogie. Mere hours after the announcement that she'll be strutting her stuff on the new season of "Dancing With the Stars," Nicole Polizzi shared a photo of her and her partner, Sasha Farber, already rehearsing for the September 16 premiere. The hot mama sure wastes no time getting down to business!

"Just stretching," she wrote with the photo above, depicting the dance team in quite the convoluted pose. If that's how they stretch, we can't wait to see how they rumba! Hopefully Snooki's cheerleading background will give the smallest couple in the history of the series an edge over the other contestants -- we want some basket tosses and back flips!

The pair doesn't look so bad together off the dance floor either. Snooks also shared a picture of her and her "fabulous" partner during Wednesday's "Good Morning America" reveal, and they could almost pass for a romantic couple. But Jionni has nothing to worry about, Nicole assures us in the interview below. "The first practice I was already like, 'Watch your hands!' and he was like, 'Don't worry, my girlfriend [Emma Slater] is on the show,' she recalls. "So, it's just a friendship."

Check out the pics, and remember to vote for Team Snasha!


Sasha and Snooki may be small in stature, but they promise to go big on the dance floor.

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Photos: Snooki's Instagram