Jenna Will Celebrate Her Birthday With Pangs Of Guilt When 'Awkward.' Returns Next Month [Sneak Peek]


Jenna Hamilton had never seemed happier than she did on her 16th birthday, when Matty McKibben tore through her bedroom door to confess his true feelings and finally D(efine) T(he) R(elationship). Welp, a lot can change in a year, and her dream-come-true is quickly morphing into a nightmare. Matty's still as considerate as ever, but when he gives Jenna a b-day gift in the sneak peek of this fall's new batch of "Awkward" episodes below, Jenna's racked with guilt, as it's a photo that was taken the night she gave into temptation and cheated on her boyfriend with Collin.

"Thank you, I don't deserve this," Jenna says as she observes the beautifully framed Polaroid and considers the damage she's done. She can't help but grimace, but Matty's still insistent on having his main squeeze crack a smile. "Making you happy makes me happy," he says, leaving Jenna looking visibly ill. By the sounds of it, she's been so out of sorts that she canceled any semblance of a birthday celebration, and even Matty's offering of a relaxed night in with takeout seems too great a burden to bear.

Check it out, and tune in to the premiere of Season 3's second half, October 22 at 10:30/9:30c!

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