Exclusive: Where Is Kayla From '16 & Pregnant' Now?


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

When we last saw Kayla on her "16 & Pregnant" episode, she had gotten engaged to her son's father, JR, and was hoping to go to college, continue competing in beauty pageants and live happily ever after with JR and their son, Rylan. Nearly three years later, life has taken a different turn.

In the exclusive follow-up special below, Kayla reveals that she's no longer with JR and is on an extended break from school, working full-time as a waitress/bartender. She plans to go back and get a degree someday, once she can figure out what she wants to study, but she doesn't have any immediate plans to make that happen. She has a new boyfriend, who also has a young son, and she hopes they'll move in together soon, even though blending their families makes her nervous.

Kayla was on the birth control pill when she got pregnant but said she forgot to take it regularly. The pill is extremely effective at preventing pregnancy -- but only if you take it exactly as directed, which means every single day. Even skipping a couple of days can leave you unprotected. Luckily, there are other birth control methods that you don't have to think about as often. For example, the patch only has to be changed once a week, the ring only once a month and IUDs and implants don't require you to do anything for years once they're inserted. You can find out about all the available methods at, plus, if you need a daily/weekly/monthly text reminder for your pill/patch/ring, you can sign up for those here, for free.

Check out the video below to catch up with Kayla, plus watch more "16 & Pregnant: Where Are They Now?" exclusives to find out how some of the other young moms are faring.

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