'Catfish' Sneak Peek: Can Aaliyah Close The 70-Block Gap That Separates Her From First Love Alicia?


Aaliyah's going through a bit of a rough patch. She's graduating from high school soon, and her future's bright, but after a multiple sclerosis diagnosis left her mother physically unable to work, both were evicted from their home. After six months, the couch-surfing routine is getting old, but thankfully, the 18-year-old has had Internet-girlfriend Alicia to lean on, who Aaliyah calls her first true love. Still, in the sneak peek of the next "Catfish" episode below, Nev and Max can't help but be skeptical of Alicia's intentions, as only 70 blocks separate the girls in Oakland, and Alicia is still unwilling to meet.

As Alicia has confessed to Aaliyah that she's still not an out lesbian, Aaliyah says she can understand Alicia's reservations about a public meet-up, but adds that her empathy is wearing thin. "I love her to death, but I can't continue to have a relationship through a mobile phone," she says. "I'm done playing around." What's worse is the cash-strapped Aaliyah admits to having sent Alicia a new iPhone and about $600, and if things don't pan out, it'll all have gone down the drain.

Is Alicia's reluctance to meet really as simple as a fear of being outed, or is she giving Aaliyah the "Catfish" routine? Watch the preview, and tune in to the next episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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