'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Matt Flies Off The Handle When Alex Accuses Him Of Ignoring Arabella


So much for Alex and Matt's ability to calmly discuss their issues. Just three weeks into "Teen Mom 3," the on-again-off-again couple has experienced some major setbacks (remember Matt's "sandwich" search?), but on the next episode, their tempers soar to new heights and reach a dangerous boiling point. In this sneak peek, Matt's lies, coupled with his unwillingness to care for Arabella, send Alex over the edge, and even her mom, Wendy, can't keep the two from raging.

When Alex confronts Matt about slacking on his parental responsibilities, Wendy's attempts to play mediator fall flat. Matt tries to escape the scene with a friend, but Alex grows even more infuriated that he's choosing to hang with a buddy over watching his daughter. "I'm just sick of this innocent little girl getting f**ked over by him!" Alex shouts. "What? I can't hear you, why don't you yell again," Matt antagonizes, at which point Wendy unsuccessfully tries to break up the argument again. She only fuels the fire, with Matt ripping off his hoodie as if he's about to get into a street fight and screaming right into Alex's face. We have a feeling this won't end well...

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