Sometimes Ashley Rickards Gets Impaled By A Flute And Bleeds Out On Her Linens [Photo]


Ashley looks a bit uncomfortable. Can someone fluff her pillow? Or remove the flute from her chest?

Without a knack for rhythm, practicing for band class can be a real killer, but Ashley Rickards' latest dip into orchestral music has proven to be especially lethal. The "Awkward" star, whose character Jenna Hamilton is known for NOT trying to kill herself, recently tweeted a postmortem photo from what seems to be the set of her new horror-spoof flick, "A Haunted House 2," in which her character appears to meet her maker at the hands of a flute. A quick aside to all aspiring musicians: Chorus is probably a safer bet.

According to Variety, Ashley's currently filming the Marlon Wayans-produced film, and while there's no exact info on what role she'll play, it feels accurate to say there will be no happy ending. "Nothing like some special effects and pajamas on set to make a holiday weekend seem too short," Ashley captioned the photo. AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH! Now, as for getting those nasty stains out of the sheets...

Check out the photo, and be thankful you've at least managed to keep your trumpet or harpsichord out of your vital organs.

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Photo courtesy of @AshleyRickards