Watching Your Mistakes Brings Self-Awareness, The 'Teen Mom 3' Cast Says [Video]


The "Teen Mom 3" cast members struggle with many problems unique to premature parenthood, but Alex's story includes an issue familiar to a lot of young people in general: addiction. Alex's baby's father, Matt, has only been out of rehab for two weeks and already he's hanging out with his old crew and showing signs of relapse, but on Monday's episode, he agreed to go to couples therapy with his on-and-off girlfriend for the first time. Unfortunately, it was also the last time.

In the "Teen Mom 3 After Show" clip below, Alex tells host Maci Bookout that she knew Matt wasn't ready at that point to turn his life around, and though she admits to having being a little too hard on him, she says it was an act of self-preservation: "I just had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was up, and I didn't want to let my guard down to him and get used."

Though their single counseling session didn't get Alex and Matt very far, she and the rest of the moms unanimously agree that watching their mistakes play out on MTV has been the best therapy around -- even if it sometimes feels like they're being forced to sit through a horror movie. "It's shoved right in your face," says Katie. "It's like 'Paranormal Activity.'"

Check out the video to hear more of the girls' discussion:

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