'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Matt Considers Returning To Rehab


For an addict, one of the hardest things to do upon returning home from rehab is to incorporate their new attitude into their old lives. On Monday night's episode of "Teen Mom 3," Matt had been living with Alex's family for two weeks, but had made little headway in trying to find a job after successfully getting clean. Between all the idle time and hanging out again with his circle of party friends, Alex was worried he might be slipping back into his old ways, and in this bonus scene, she tells Matt that she thinks it's a good idea he go back to inpatient treatment to fully cope with his anxiety and prevent a potential relapse.

"You need to have some type of help," Alex says to Matt, after he explains his doctors suggested that returning to rehab would be one of his best options. "I feel fine," he argues back. "Of course it's struggling right now, but it'll get better. Everything gets better." Though he claims he's okay at the moment, Matt still tells Alex he's considering the preemptive strike, and she seems relieved. Considering last week's sandwich incident, we can understand why.

+ Do you think it's a good idea for Matt to head back to rehab? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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