If Online Love Seems Too Good To Be True, It's Probably Just Your Grandpa 'Catfishing' You [Video]


As if the idea that a promising Internet relationship could wind up being one big lie isn't enough to turn your stomach, consider that the next attractive stranger who messages you on social media might actually be your elderly flesh and blood! In a Senior Tech Lesson from Team Coco, a group of AARP members struggling to cope with the loneliness of their golden years learn that there is a way to have a social life after 65: pose as desirable romantic candidates that'd attract their grandchildren while simultaneously sparing the young ones from online predators! So much better than Bingo, right?

Following the geriatric "Catfish" method, all old folks have to do to protect their heirs from virtual scum, such as "Unemployed Chewing Tobacco Man," is dream up a character that would appeal to the kid in question, engage them with a bit of friendly dialogue and ensure that he or she is dating safely. Alas, it doesn't go so well for Bob in the video, who finds that his granddaughter, Melissa, has a habit of flooding possible suitors' inboxes with dirty selfies. Still, he's not discouraged. "There's no need to let the waters of the Internet become a swamp of confusion," he says. "Catfishing can keep your loved ones safe, and your golden years exciting!"

Check out the clip, and remember, you're probably better off NEVER TRUSTING ANYONE ON THE INTERNET. EVER.

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