How To Stay On Every Type Of Teacher's Good Side, Courtesy Of Your Favorite 90s Sitcoms


"Boy Meets World" characters George Feeny, Cory Matthews and Jonathan Turner.

Falling leaves signal that it's time to head back to the classroom, but if the mere thought of balancing studying with socializing is already making you stress, don't worry -- we're here to help! Or, we can at least point you in the right direction...

There are always a few people in school that have your best interests at heart, but the ways in which you interact with them can either make or break your year. Yup, we're talking about the people who rule with an iron fist full of chalk dust: teachers.

Truth be told, the various teachers on '90s TV sitcoms gave us more insight about how to survive high school than our real-life teachers did. So, we've gathered a few choice moments from our favorite two shows of the decade, "Boy Meets World" and "Saved by the Bell" (both currently re-airing weekday afternoons on MTV2), to help you stay in good graces with the keepers of your own hallowed halls. Even the reallly uptight ones.



Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Some teachers put on a serious front to keep their kids in line, but don't be fooled by the tough exterior, because teachers are people, too! If you actually listen up in class, you may just find they're more compassionate than they look. For instance, Philadelphia's finest principal, Mr. Feeny, managed to give goofy Eric Matthews the confidence to pursue his dreams in the "Boy Meets World" finale. Granted, helping Eric see that he was more than just a class clown was an endeavor that spanned the entire length of the series, but the payoff was pretty terrific.



Set Up Boundaries!

While learning geometry from someone who was in your shoes not that long ago can make class more fun, the fact that you're able to chat with them about your front-row seats to the Postal Service concert won't guarantee an Ivy League scholarship. On "Boy Meets World," Jonathan Turner was the young, hip teacher all students hoped to have, but sometimes Shawn managed to blur the line between educator and friend. He lived with Turner and didn't even know what subject he taught. Learn from his mistakes, kids!



When in Doubt, Bite Your Tongue

A sense of humor can carry you a long way, but not necessarily in the school system. Some teachers have no patience for class clowns, so lose those wisecracks or plan to spend lots of time in detention like a certain blond heartbreaker named Zack Morris. His flip banter with Mr. Belding in the GIFs above may be great for television, but don't expect it to fare so well in real life.

Never Mistake Kindness for Weakness

On Season 1 of "Saved By The Bell," Miss Bliss was the kindhearted teacher who loved her students as if they were her own. However, her caring nature didn't keep her from putting her foot down when need be. In the video clip above, the class thinks they can get away with some pranks targeted at Miss Bliss, until she teaches them a lesson in owning up to their mistakes. It's always the nice ones that catch you off guard!

+ What other school pointers did you learn from "Saved By the Bell" and "Boy Meets World"? Share 'em in the comments!

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