7 GIFs Of Camila Raising 'Challenge' Hell


Even the buffest female Challenger, Emily, has trouble holding Camila back.

Frankouts might set the roof on fire, but the much-feared Cameltdown will burn that motherf**ker to the ground. On the most recent "Rivals II" episode, feisty Brazilian Camila, who had managed to stay out of trouble for eight whole weeks (applause!), reminded us of just how explosive she can get when provoked, and when she lashed out at ex-fling Johnny, it took three girls -- including Superwoman Emily -- to restrain her. Funny, we thought Mount Vesuvius was in Italy, not Thailand...

Over the course of her "Challenge" career, Camila has proven her sharp tongue is just as dangerous to her fellow competitors as her athletic brawn. From her very first night in the "Cutthroat" house -- where she solidified her original "Rivalry" with Theresa -- to now, Camila has earned herself a top spot in the game's Hall of Infamy, and has many busted chairs, torn garments and a "Godfather" film's worth of obscenities to prove it.

+ Check out some of Camila's most fiery confrontations in our mini-GIF museum below, relive our personal favorite (her "Exes" explosion) in the video clip and tell us which one you can't get enough of!


She just can't help herself! On her first night in Prague, Camila tears Theresa to shreds.


Camila has some choice words for Johnny during her "Exes" meltdown.


Camila makes tinder out of a chair as she continues her "Exes" meltdown.


The "Exes" explosion culminates with Camila cooling off in the pool...fully-clothed.


Knight doesn't know what he's in for when he takes a shot at Camila on the bus.


Big Easy quits "Battle Of The Seasons" and Camila goes OFF.

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