Heidi Montag Is The Icing On Spencer Pratt's (Second) 30th Birthday Cake [Photos]


Heidi Montag pops out of Spencer Pratt's giant birthday cake.

Life might be draining from the leaves as autumn takes shape, but Spencer Pratt's continuous 30th birthday celebrations may never die. The "Hills" bad boy, whose actual birthday was over two weeks ago, stole off to Sin City this weekend with his main squeeze, Heidi Montag, and got a sweet surprise when his buxom blonde popped out of a giant cake at the Crazy Horse III strip club. Looks fancy, but how did it compare to the delectable baked good from the first time he rang in the big 3-0?

"Jumping out of a cake!" Heidi tweeted this weekend as if the spectacle was part of her usual routine -- and hey, If Spence's birthday carries over into mid-September, it may soon be. The happy couple capped off the show with some smaller treats and champagne, and, sparing no expense, Heidi also made sure to perform one outfit change before calling it quits. You can take the girl out of Hollywood...but she's gonna pack a suitcase full of sparkly ensembles to bring with her.

Get a glimpse at Spence's never-ending birthday!


A little bubbly to ring in the big day...again...

For reference: Spencer's previous cake.

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Photos: Splash News