'Ridiculousness' Carries Out A Case Study On The Art Of The 'Disco Nap' [Sneak Peek]


If you're the type to nod off during an action movie or, you know, completely conk out in the middle of a workout session, you're not alone. The "disco napper," a subspecies -- both human and animal -- capable of drifting off to dreamland at the drop of a hat, is more common than you might expect, and in the sneak peek of the next "Ridiculousness" episode below, Rob Dyrdek and one of the group's ambassadors, Steve Aoki, try to get to the bottom of the narcoleptic phenomenon. Or, at the very least, laugh at its sufferers as they tumble to the ground.

In "Disco Naps" (formerly "Micro Naps"), the super sheep counters make their marks on society, ruining everything from dinnertime to weddings. Apparently, weightlifters, groomsmen and babies, alike, are capable of going from zero-to-snooze without much effort, but when a horny dog transforms from erotic beast to comatose canine, we learn that there's officially no activity safe from the slumber-bug. That poor stuffed animal!

Check out the video, and tune in to the next episode, Thursday night at 10/9c!

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