Mackenzie Of 'Teen Mom 3' Expresses Sadness Over Being Her Family's 'Black Sheep' [Video]


Despite the constant hardships she faces as a teen mom, which are only compounded by communication issues with her baby's father, Mackenzie Douthit typically tries her best to maintain a positive outlook, but on the latest episode of "Teen Mom 3," a distinct sadness crept onto the high school cheerleader's face while having a discussion with Josh about going on birth control. The two were not having sex at the time, nor did they plan to in the near future, but both Mackenzie and Josh felt it would be wise not to rely on self-control (their powers of which failed them once before) to prevent a second pregnancy, and decided to seek out a more dependable method.

Though she was doing the responsible thing, Mackenzie worried that her God-fearing mother would cast judgment, and she confided to Josh that she's always felt like the black sheep of her family. It was a vulnerable moment for the young mother that shed light on her rather meager sense of self-worth at the time, and she further explains those feelings in the "Teen Mom 3 After Show" clip below.


"I grew up really religious, so it was always church. Me and my mom hadn't even had the sex talk before I got pregnant," she tells host Maci Bookout. "My sisters and brother all waited until marriage to have sex, so it was kind of...she was really disappointed. It was hard to talk to her about that."

It's that gap in communication that Mackenzie admits compelled her to text her mother -- rather than tell her face-to-face -- that she was considering going on the IUD, but these days, Mackenzie proudly says she no longer takes the easy way out, and she's reached a more comfortable place with her mom in which she's no longer scared to confide in her. "Now we talk about everything."

Check out the clip to hear more of the discussion, including Maci's confession that she, too, has broken big news (LIKE BEING PREGNANT) to her mom via text message.

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