Snooki Throws Her Son A First Birthday Celebration Fit For The Goonies! [Photo]


The buccaneers grab a bench for a relaxing end to the day.

With walking and surfing already under his belt, it was only a matter of time before Lorenzo LaValle hit another milestone, and today, we can proudly report that the little guy has added swashbuckling to his list of early childhood accomplishments! A few days after Snooki and Jionni's son turned one, they decided to celebrate the momentous occasion by throwing him a pirate-themed bash, complete with hoop earrings, ruffled white blouses and...AUDI POWER WHEELS?! The make and models have certainly improved since we were small enough to fit into one of those things.

Wearing their finest skullcaps, shark-bite shorts and tied-back bandanas, the happy family of three, as well as 'Enzo's godparents, JWOWW and Roger, strolled around the Jersey shoreline before giving him the keys to his new kiddie whip and setting him onto the open road. (Jealous much, everyone ever featured on "My Super Sweet 16"?) When life as a high-rolling pirate started to take a toll, the gang finished out the day peacefully enjoying each other's company on a park bench. Hey guys? Those yachts' riches aren't going to steal themselves...

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Ahoy, mate! Is that an...Audi?!


Lorenzo is the greatest treasure Snooki and JWOWW could have hoped for.

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Photos: Mejia-Ford and Thelonius/Splash News