That's What You Said...About 'Catfish' Justin's Cheater-Outing Crusade

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If we catch a stranger doing something we consider immoral, is it our place to intervene? This was the question posed in the most recent "Catfish" episode, which featured a man named Artis who was juggling an online relationship with a real one. When Artis found out his Internet crush was actually a man named Justin who was on a mission to out cheaters, the s**t hit the fan in one of the most jaw-dropping reveals in "Catfish" history. While there was no doubt that Justin's delivery was a bit extreme, was his goal understandable?

After the episode, fans let their opinions fly on Remote Control or Facebook, and you might be surprised at how balanced the comments were. Take a look at some below, and continue the conversation in the comments!

Remote Control:

"Artis's handling of his situation may have been questionable, but that doesn't justify aggressive and equally deceitful and hurtful behavior from Justin." -- scubadoc

"Do I feel sorry for Artis? Hell no. He was cheating. Just because he reports to us that he was on the outs with his child's mother doesn't mean we know all the facts." -- Winter

"Justin isn't and shouldn't be in charge of judging the life choices of others. Who is Justin or any of us to judge Artis?" -- maryjaneishere


"I wish they interviewed Justin's girlfriend to see what she had to say." -- Devin R.

"Why is nobody concerned with the fact that Artis was cheating on his girlfriend? If he hadn't pushed up on the fake profile, nothing would have happened. People like Artis need to end their current relationships before attempting to start another one." -- Barbara A.

"So he was trying to teach people lessons? How about not lying to people himself?" -- Anastasia B.

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