Briana Dejesus Catches Her Little Diva-In-Training Practicing For Pop Stardom [Video]


Just chillin' with another kid superstar, Baby Bop.

Contrary to popular belief, pop stars don't just manifest out of thin, glittery air to make catchy (and sometimes controversial) music that little girls like "Teen Mom 3" tots Molli and Nova can shake their tiny tushies to. Becoming a famous songstress takes hard work and dedication, and Nova knows all too well that if she wants to talk the diva talk like she walks the diva walk, she's going to need to get in some solid studio time. Rome wasn't built in a day!

In the Instagram video below, Briana eavesdrops on her daughter as she practices a song, utilizing a purple boombox and microphone to make sure both her vocal and performance skills are sharpened. These days, ya gotta have the entire package! The rehearsal hits a bit of a snag when Nova gets so into the groove she almost sends her radio flying off the piano it's perched on, but she makes a swift recovery -- just like any ol' pro in the biz. Someone give this girl a standing ovation!

For today's dose of adorable, check out the clip!

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Photo and video courtesy of Briana Dejesus' Instagram.