Jillian Rose Reed Of 'Awkward.' Shares A Few Tamara-Approved Back-To-School Tips [Video]


Jillian Rose Reed signs a copy of "To Kill A Mockingbird" for a young fan at New York's Planet Hollywood.

It takes more than the latest fashion trend or Varsity cheerleading jacket to stand tall at the start of a new school year, and Jillian Rose Reed would know better than most. On "Awkward," the actress plays Tamara, a genuine good gal who is obsessed with making a splash in Palos Hills High School's social strata. She'll be the first to tell you: Surviving public education takes some work. With the SAT to consider, part-time jobs to maintain and the ever-unnerving task of handling locker room follies, it can really be a zoo out there!

This week, Remote Control caught up with the fan favorite at a meet-and-greet in New York and asked her for a few top-line tips that Tamara might share for putting your best foot forward during back-to-school time. Whether it's dating or dealing with the impossibly evil school bully (cough...Sadie Saxton...cough), her sage wisdom is about as good a road map as you can get. And since we know your literary load is about to get a bit heavier, we got her advice in video form. Youuuuu're welcome.

Forget freshman orientation or hitting up your big sib for guidance -- take a look at the clips below...and good luck this year!

On dealing with a new school year's crush:

On balancing extracurriculars:

On handling bullies:

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Photo: Johns PKI/Splash News