Which 'Saved By The Bell' Ladies Might Face Off On 'Dancing With The Stars'?


Perhaps they'll add Jazzercise to the lineup this year?

In 2006, Mario Lopez's sexy moves on "Dancing with the Stars" launched him back into the limelight after an extended Hollywood slump, and now, two of his former female co-stars are rumored to be joining the show in its 17th season. Here's a clue on who: When one of these gals wasn't too busy trying to save the world on "Saved by the Bell," she was getting hooked on caffeine pills! (Let's hope she won't need any of those to carry her through the competition.) The other potential contestant is now married, so her future partner shouldn't be too much of a distraction, unlike her TV fling, Zack Morris, was way back in the day.

Still need some help? Okay, we kept you in suspense long enough... Elizabeth Berkley (a.k.a. Jessie Spano) might be one of the Bayside beauties to sashay across the ballroom, according to TMZ. With exotic dance experience in the cult classic, "Showgirls," Berkley knows a thing or two about catching her audience's eye, and we know the slender advice guru will look slammin' in those skimpy "DWTS" costumes. The other "SBTB" actress scheduled to compete is spitfire Leah Remini, Us Weekly confirms. We're not too sure of Leah's dance background, but if her jazz square is as good as her comedic timing, she could easily waltz away with the Mirror Ball Trophy.

+ So, which "Saved by the Bell" sweetheart would win in a dance-off? Make your pick in the comments!

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GIF: Huffington Post